1. Make sure your children are well rested and fed!

It may sound obvious but it is super important, especially for younger children. If your child still naps, ensure they have had a full nap and extra time to have something to eat and get ready. Bring along a small snack; crackers, raisins, fruit and a bottle of water or juice. Try to avoid sugary treats as they can really have an impact on how a child feels.

2. Plan clothing ahead of the photoshoot

Feeling comfortable has a huge impact on how everyone feels. Try clothes and shoes on well ahead of your photoshoot to make sure your child is happy with what they will be wearing. Take out any itchy labels!

3. Tell your child about the family photoshoot

Talk to your children in advance to prepare them. Let them know you are going to the location we have decided beforehand to have some photographs taken. If your child feels unsure of new people it may help to show them a photograph of me so they can put a face to your photographer.

4. Bring an activity or toy

Each family has their own activities they enjoy together. If your toddler has a favourite book or small toy, they are welcome to bring it along. Having a little activity like a story or fun rhymes that they enjoy will help you all relax and helps to engage little ones. It also allows me to capture storytelling images of your family’s favourite pastimes!

5. Let your children be themselves

Every child is unique. Some are confident and have a lot of energy, others are quieter and take a bit of time to adjust to new situations. Let go of any worries about how they might behave. Photoshoots go best when parents allow me to direct their children and follow my prompts. This also allows parents to focus on their children and interact with them. Everyone will feel relaxed, happy and the result will be beautiful photographs!

Go with the flow, take it all in!

All that is left to say is expect the unexpected! Embrace however the photoshoot goes. We can’t control how everything will work out. Little ones have off days too. As a mother to 3 daughters, I completely understand this! The best thing a parent can do is take a breath and put your trust in me to capture all the beauty in every moment.

Remember to breathe in your baby, your children, your partner – like the day you first set eyes on them. Think of how much you love them and all the reasons why. Children love their parents focus and these are the moments that are most cherished. Not everyone needs to be looking directly at the camera all of the time, it is your interaction that is special and unique. That is ultimately what we will want to capture.

I hope these tips for a successful family photoshoot were helpful! If you are ready to book your family photoshoot we can have a chat and schedule a time through my contact form. You can read more on how to prep for your session here.