Yes is the short answer! But why you make ask? When you scroll back on your phone looking for an image where the entire family are all together it can be quite a task! You may be the photo taker and are never in front of the lens. Choosing a photograph worthy of the wall will rarely come from a phone snap and if you have ever admired a beautiful family portrait at a friend’s house you can be sure it was taken professionally! 

A professional photographer has an eye for moments

Choosing a photographer with experience can make all the difference. Understanding people, light and posing can ensure everyone looks their best in the final image. It takes an experienced professional to craft something that feels timeless and natural. Something that you will look back on for many years to come and proudly frame on your wall.

dad holding baby smiling at Concord College Shropshire

A professional photographer helps your family pose naturally

Anyone can take a quick snap. But only someone who has a skilled eye can direct and pose your family naturally. It can be a small posture adjustment but directing you in this subtle way can make such a difference! Children can often look particularly unnatural, especially if asked to say ‘cheese’. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable so you get photos that capture a natural interaction and not a forced smile.

A professional photographer understands light and location

Finding the right location and utilising the available natural light is a passion of mine. The location is important so that your family enjoy the session. But even when the lighting is not quite ideal you will know your photographer has the knowledge of how to achieve beautiful images in any situation!

A professional photographer has high quality kit and software

These are the tools for any photographer. It is a huge factor in producing high quality images. Photographers invest in their kit and educate themselves so your images are fine tuned. A good professional won’t waste your time adjusting their settings throughout your photoshoot. They will be confident using their kit so you barely notice the adjustments along the way.

family sat on blanket at Concord College Shropshire smiling in Summer taken by photographer Victoria La Bouchardiere

Create timeless memories

Preserving your family memories is the best reason to have a family photoshoot. A good family photographer knows how to work with family dynamics and will make the most of every moment you have in front of the lens. It is a fun experience and you will have some beautiful photographs crafted just for you!

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