The reality is once you have booked your photoshoot the next thing on your mind is ‘what do I wear?’

My recommendation is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable but confident. Depending on what your photoshoot is will reflect what you choose to wear. A professional headshot may require a more corporate feel, whereas a photoshoot to celebrate your engagement can be more reflective of your personalities. Select some outfits and try them on in advance. You can lay outfits on the bed to see how they all look together.


Always dress with the season in mind. Take a look at the forecast ahead of your photoshoot so that your outfit suits the weather. Take your inspiration from Pinterest, a great resource for outfit planning.

Spring can bring a mixture of warm and cool weather so light layers work well.

Summer lends itself to a lot of colour in nature so think cool tones so that there is no competition with the surroundings.

Autumn has beautiful golden tones, gentle prints and warm tones compliment this season well.

Winter is much cooler with it’s light and this is the time to add warmth with layers and blocks of colour. Don’t be afraid to add soft or chunky scarves, faux fur and woolly hats and wellies!

large family group of siblings in woodlands


The location of your photoshoot will define what look you are going for and will have been decided before the photoshoot. Think barefoot on the beach or wellies for the countryside and smart casual for the parklands.


Having one family member wearing bold colours can take the focus completely to one person. You can minimise this by one of you selecting a block colour for your lower body and a print for the top half and then vice versa. Similar tones work beautifully and keep a timeless feel to your look.


Dresses or skirts that will move with a breeze create a beautiful movement in a still photograph. Accessories add interest to any outfit, belts, scarves, jewellery and hairbands.


Sometimes overlooked, think about where you will be displaying your photographs in your home. White washed walls – no problem! If you have a colour theme you might want to consider how your choice in outfits will co-ordinate with your walls. When you place art in your home you will be considering how it will look, your photographs will be the same.